• Is DIY the only way for your band?

    You often hear experts online saying how great things are now for musicians, how there are so many tools online to build your fanbase and get your music out there. ...

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Want to read lots of Live Unsigned articles all in one go? Well, here’s the solution! All articles published in 2010 and 2011 are now available in Kindle /PDF format.

Black Flag’s Henry Rollins on how he found success as a musician.

We’ve mentioned Black Flag on this blog before. This video is about how Henry Rollins (Black Flag’s best known singer) joined the band. Through hard...
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Why do people go to gigs by unsigned and obscure bands?

Who are those people who go to see bands at “unsigned nights”? It is very rarely someone who happens to be passing by a venue...
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How do you plan the perfect CD release gig?

If you’ve spent months writing and recording your new CD (let alone doing all the artwork and other stuff) you’ll want the CD release gig...
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How did Amanda Palmer raise over half a million dollars from her fans in under a week?

Well known social media user and musician Amanda Palmer recently started a campaign using Kickstarter. Pin It...
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